Is it time for a change?

by: Chelsie Rae Gregory | November 22, 2016 | Thought Raes

Change is essential to develop into the best you can be. It can be scary and exciting. Embracing change or transformation, in any sector of life, yields positive results. By embracing change, it welcomes the new with open arms  inspiring a rejuvenating spirit. Transformation is key in business success.


Since I specialize in logos, they mean a lot to me. Logos are the smallest graphic area representation of a business or organization. There are letter-marks, word-mark, and symbol logos to name a few. There are many elements that comprise a logo: colour, typeface, shape, line, repetition etc.  At times, a company will completely re-brand and change the name, logo, and branding guidelines. Sometimes, a logo never changes, and often times it gets a face lift. Let me describe my most current logo revamp.


Intrepid Business Strategies current logo needed a revamp, but they have put great effort put into the name of the business. (See original logo below.) According to, a few synonyms for intrepid are gutsy, brave, daring, determined, and courageous. Intrepid Business Strategies specializes in business consulting on the executive level and one has to be quite daring to start a business, organization or project. The meaning of the word intrepid describes the characteristics of this business's target market. Intrepid Business Strategies is an appropriate name for this business because it directly correlates to the customer and accurately describes what the business does. In this case, the name is staying the same. Now, let's talk about the initial logo.


The initial font used is Bernard Condensed. It is a bold, condensed serif font. Serif fonts are good readable fonts in print because the serif on the characters help make the letters flow and easily readable. Since they utilize space well, condensed fonts are very useful for signs and posters because you can fit more words on the area. At my first professional job, I first used this job. This font was created in the beginning of the 20th century so it is somewhat dated, in my opinion. The idea of the sword is great! It makes me think of a brave knight determined to succeed on his or her mission. The gold gradated hue of the sword is a nice contrast to the black characters. The sword is a bit out of scale for the entire flow of the logo. There is too much negative space around the top of the sword. Now let's talk about the NEW Logo.


The new logo uses Merriweather and Raleway fonts which match the customer's overall existing brand guidelines. Since most use mobile phones, tablets or computers, font or type face creation has adapted to be more readable on screens. "Intrepid" is in Merriweather, which is a serif font that has some block/sans-serif properties that make it easy to read on screens. "Business Strategies"  is in a Raleway. The customer's other brands include the colour purple, gold, and gray, so they decided to use the same colours. Purple is a regal colour representing royalty, ambition and power. The particular hue is saturated with some muted hues and black in it to create a nice contrast for readability. Since the bottom line of text is gray, a neutral hue, it makes the colour of intrepid, stand out. The stylized gold sword is a complimentary colour to the purple used and adds imagery that correlates to the meaning of intrepid. The updated fonts, colours, and imagery are a polished, updated logo.





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